Monday, March 27, 2017


Long @ $112.00
Stop @ $111.00
Target @ $114.00

Risking $90
Reward $180

Current swing and trend is bullish.
Entry near value area with support and 200 EMA
Trigger is the doji bar with long wick which is very bullish.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Short EUR/CAD +1

Short @ $1.434
Stop @ $1.444
Target @ $1.390

Trade is based on in the direction of the bearish trend.
Entry at value area which is the resistance zone and 200 DMA which gives confluence.
Trigger was today's bearish candlestick.

Risking $100.00
Reward is around $630
This is close to a 6/1 R/R

This trade ended up not working out and I kept my loss small. After the two doji bars I tightened my stop and ended with about a 35 pip loser. But I did everything according to my rules and plan.

Short EUR/AUD +1

Short @ $1.41
Stop @ $1.42
Target @ $1.3760

Trade is based on in the direction of the bearish trend.
Entry at value area which is the resistance zone.
Trigger was today's bearish candlestick and slightly engulfing.

Risking is less than $100.00
Reward is around $378.00
This is close to a 4/1 R/R

I had moved my target to the previous resistance which became support at 1.39 after the first test of that level. Gained about 170 pips.

Monday, March 6, 2017


Long @ 1.0698
Stop @ 1..649
Target @ 1.0992 or higher

Price action is bullish and above the 200 MA on the daily.
Entry was off a support zone.
Entry was premature, should have waited for a bar to close above the pin bar, but didn't. Thought about bailing out but didn't. Watch each bar closely.

This trade was stopped out and this is what I did right and wrong. Entry was in the direction of the trade. Entry was entered at the value area previous resistance and now support. I had the trigger pin bar however, I didn't wait for the next bar to close above the pin bar.
There is however a possible re-entry with this current bar. Need to wait for close of today's bar.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

CHF/JPY Trade (-1)

Long @ 112.169
Stop @ 111.169
Target near 115.169

Trend is bullish with a parabolic move through resistance and has been range trading.
Also, above the 200 EMA which is slightly bullish sloped.
Entry is off the range low and support level.

1) Bullish trend or move was in place.
2) Entry was at a value area or support and had confluence with the EMA.
3) I had NO TRIGGER bar for a valid entry.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


This currency has a bearish content and looking for a short entry trade with the breakdown and pull back to $1.0513.


This currency also came off the weekly low and made a H&S pattern, traded higher broke resistance and now resistance has become support. I will be looking at the daily and 1H chart for a possible entry level with the best risk parameters at this level.